decades ago. However, the common thread that weaves through it all is the desire to listen deeply and to create space for others to be heard. I believe that being truly heard contributes to our ability to live a life we love - filled with what brings us joy and purpose.

Listening has taken on a deeper meaning for me as of late. I listen with more than my ears these days. I listen with my heart and my intuition. I listen for words and the meanings behind and in-between. I listen intuitively and energetically. I listen for patterns and stories that shape thoughts and actions.

What I love to do is to create a space - often through a guided relaxation - where you can come and be heard - without judgement or the need to measure your words or thoughts. When coaching, or being coached, I find that one of the most valuable experiences is to be able to think out loud; to have ideas take shape and clarity to emerge and be refined through words that are reflected back. It is a very powerful experience and a terrific catalyst for change.

I believe that change comes from within - my own healing and growth, while influenced by others, has come as a result of listening to myself and thinking out loud. I have let my curiosity, imagination, intuition and creativity be my guides.

As a child I was very creative with a rich and inventive imagination. As a student I learned to think and produce responses according to other people’s standards while using my creativity to play with the rules. In the workforce my creativity shone in the programs I developed and in my advocacy work. As a parent it was poured into homeschooling and nurturing creativity in my children. Then after a prolonged illness - I stepped into the world of Kaizen-Muse™ Creativity Coaching and my creativity was set free.

Embracing Kaizen (the philosophy of small, continuous steps towards improvement) and creativity, I expanded my qualifications becoming a Master Kaizen-Muse™ Creativity Coach, a Master Kaizen Creative™ NLP Practitioner, and a Modern Day Muse™ Group Facilitator. This led to co-creating, leading and instructing others in a new model of master minding called KMI Master Minds™ and running a virtual creativity cafe.

In 2017 I followed an intuitive calling and took a Priestess Training with Vanessa Sage. It was here that I learned about a 300 hour Ayurveda and Yoga Teacher Training. This really resonated with me. And so I enrolled and in September of 2018 I received my certification. This training opened up an exciting new - yet complimentary - way to live and coach.

At this stage of my life I want to enjoy what I do. I want to work with others who value being heard and who want to step in to their full potential and their healthiest self. What a wonderful world it will be when we can all love the life we have.