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I am a coach and a facilitator.

It is my pleasure and privilege to create and hold space for YCE 2019.

I love the connections - ideas, concepts and personal - that are fostered in an intimate circle-like setting. There is something almost magical that is created, a way in which we as individuals can come together as one to manifest, make and marvel at our individual and collective achievements.

I have been teaching workshops and facilitating for over 30 years and coaching for 6.

My coaching credentials include:

  • Master Kaizen-Muse™ Creativity Coach

  • Master Kaizen Creative™ NLP Practitioner, and

  • Ayurveda and Yoga Coaching

I - along with my fellow creative collaborator Kathy Kane - created a new model of master minding using the gentle but powerful philosophy of Kaizen infused with creative principals and tools. We call it the KMI Master Mind™ (Kaizen- Muse Infused). It was born out the desire to harness the power implicit in a master mind but without the comparison, competitive accountability and results driven pressure that can occur in regular master minds.

I have facilitated many KMI Master Minds™ and also train others in facilitating with this particular model.