Do I need to be in a business to join?
Not at all. Your Creative Edge is a master mind enhanced circle that benefits members who have both professional and personal projects they want to complete or ideas they want to explore.

How will a KMI Master Mind™ experience be different than a traditional master mind?
KMI Master Minds™  are based on the Kaizen philosophy and are infused with creativity. The KMI Agenda™ provides a fluid and flexible structure that support thinking differently, percolating effortlessly, innovating imaginatively and creating joyfully. KMI Master Minds™ are process focused with the aim to build a sustainable momentum while working towards your goals. They offer a gentler kind of accountability and there is always time within the master mind to take action on your project or goal. We share tips and tools for thinking differently, which can then be used in the very focused master mind section.  It’s a unique approach to master minding.

What is Kaizen?
Kaizen is a philosophy of small steps towards continuous improvement. The process breaks down large projects into such small, manageable bites that you are able to bypass procrastination and perfectionism--two enemies of real progress. Kaizen defuses resistance and overwhelm and allows you to accomplish your goals in a gentle, supportive manner. It’s about enjoying what you are doing as you are doing it and not just being focused on the end result.

What does KMI stand for?
KMI originally stood for Kaizen-Muse Infused.  It derives its name from the body of work produced by Jill Badonsky, who blends the principles of Kaizen with creativity in her coaching training.  KMI is just easier to say and over time has grown on us.  K might also stand for Kathy and M for Mary and the I, well, there are any number of (Ideas, Imagined, Innovated, Inspired, ...).

What kind of technology do I need?
The master mind sessions will take place on a video conferencing platform called Zoom. You can access Zoom via computer/laptop, tablet, or mobile device. You just need to download and install a free piece of software (

Is there an option to pay in instalments?
Yes. If you require an alternative payment plan please e-mail Mary at Requests will be considered on an individual basis.

I'm a Canadian!  Can I pay in Canadian dollars?

What if I need to miss a session?
This circle has very much the feel of a live and in person group and so I will not be recording sessions.                                                                                          

What is your refund policy?
Due to the limited number of spaces available no refund will be made available. If however, there are extenuating circumstances a credit towards future a program may be extended.

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