Week #1 - find your 4 letter word and glue it on a random page in your YCE19 art journal

Week #2 - connect with your word on an emotional level. What feelings or connotation, positive, negative or neutral does your word bring up for you? And why?

Week #3 - turn your four letter word into an acronym. Can you convey the meaning of your word in a positive or playful way.

Many Experiences Starring Serendipity

Week #4 - find the origin of your word. Bonus puddy paws for showing how it has evolved - you might be surprised what comes up. For example: Mess is sited as coming from the Latin word mittere meaning to send and modern French mettre meaning to put. Also, Old French mes (modern French mets) meaning a portion of food. However, the way I think of mess, describing something that is untidy, might come from the Middle English word mesh meaning to mash or muss. 

Week #5 - This week just notice how many times your word turns up. Also, notice where or in what context you find it. What is the most unusual or surprising place that you saw it?

Week #6 - If there was an award with the name of your word, what would the award be for? For bonus puddy paws, what would be the criteria for winning?

MESS - The MESS Award is given to the person who best exemplifies community contribution that is Meaningful - Environmental - Scalable and Sustainable . Of course, it doesn’t have to be an acronym I just happen to really like them:)

Week #7 - Watch this video and begin thinking of ways you might share the meaning of your word in picture form.

Week #8 - Draw your word in the style of the video - or your own style!

Week #9 - Take 3.21 minutes to write about your word. You might try writing about its shape, its texture, the way it forms in your mouth before being spoken? How else might you think about or describe your word? What questions could you ask it? Have fun. Set a timer and write continuously. I look forward to hearing about what shows up on your page.

Week #10 - Can you change your 4 letter word into its opposite by changing only one letter at a time? For example: Mess - Tidy would look like this.


PS Here is a helpful HINT

Week #11 - If your word was a vegetable what would it be and why?

example: MESS would be a pumpkin because when it is carved scooping out the insides creates a huge mess!

Week #12 - Can you find or make a riddle that either is or includes your word in the answer?

example: What do you call a dirty age? A MESSage!

Week #13 - Use Donna’s Cluster Idea Generator with your word and then write a short poem or prose using the 1st word in the 1st chain, 2nd word from the 2nd chain, 3rd word from the 3rd chain and 4th word from the 4th chain.

Week #14 - Pick your favourite word challenge so far and do it again. Or pick a challenge that you meant to try but haven’t had time.

Week #15 - Using your random four letter word and Your Creative Edge , write a very short poem about your experience in this group.

Week #16 - Dedicate a page in your journal to your word. Draw it, write it’s meaning, add your poem … celebrate your word on the page.