Releasing the Voice Within

I have often thought about writing a blog.  Been advised to write a blog.  Resisted writing a blog.  So why now?  What changed?

I realized I was stuck. 

And to get unstuck I reminded myself to practice my Kaizen training.  Kaizen is about taking small steps, thinking small thoughts, asking small questions and accepting small rewards.  And I mean really small.  Because the smaller these are the less likely they will trigger fear.  And it is fear that got me stuck.

What would I call my blog?  The perfect name seemed so important and yet so elusive.  Who would read my blog? And why would they want to?

My small step was just to start.  My small thought was why not.  My small question was how can I trust my voice within just a little bit more.  And my small reward will be a mention on my credit report of the feel good moment when I hit publish.

I'm just as new to blogs as blogging.  But this could be fun if I think of it as just having a conversation with you.  Some of my ideas and topics may not be of interest to you and others may be the starting point for another type of connection.

Today I join the blogosphere. (Do people still use this term?)  When I hit publish I will release my voice within to join others around the world who are sharing their inner voices. 

How cool is that!