Whispering into the Void 7/20/2017

I started blogging for a couple of reasons.  First, it was the consensus that if you have an online business you need to blog.  Even if no one reads your posts somehow through the magic of metadata you will be promoting your business.  Since I haven’t blogged in almost 8 months, I guess that wasn’t motivation enough.
However, the topic of blogging came up again today in a group discussion.  This time it was combined with the topic of how to share your passions in your authentic voice.  This can be an especially hard thing to do for an INFJ that truly values her privacy.  This brings me to the second reason, and full circle back to my initial post in which I wrote: “… to release my voice within to join others around the world who are sharing their inner voices.”
A blog, even one that no one reads, can be a place to share my thoughts and ideas, my passions and pondering in my authentic voice.  I am releasing the need for it to be profound, polished and even professional.  I am ok with letting this blog be a place for my personal expression of things that are important to me and, hopefully, hold value for others.
What will I blog about?  I’m passionate about ideas and creative thinking.  About the tools that help to shift thought patterns and find new ways to look at familiar things.  Some of the ways I find new possibilities are through master minds and immersing myself in the creative process. And I use my training in Kaizen and Kaizen-Creative NLP to coach myself and others. 
As I write this I realize that these are areas where my personal and professional passions merge. I have just discovered the power of this intersection in sharing my authentic voice.  It’s the perfect place to park my soapbox.
What makes it easier for you to share your passions and pursuits, personal or professional, in your authentic voice?