Vision Board to the Rescue


Yesterday - as part of a New Year Planning e-course offered by Lisa Work at Be Bright Studio - I created my business vision board for 2019.

Vision boards are interesting things. It begins by ripping out images and words from magazines based on intuitive attraction. That part was easy for me – but when reviewing and editing my choices, I found that inner voice telling me that I didn’t have the right images, these weren’t going to work. You know, that inner critic that never wants you to succeed.

The next step is to create a collage. When I finished it – I loved it. I loved the energy it holds for me. I love the colours and the words I chose. And I loved that I did something different this year. I included images of people. And although none of those images reflect what I look like on the outside – I resonate with their energy on the inside.

Then “disaster struck”. I went to open up the file with my launch and program details for Your Creative Edge™ 2019 – only to find that I had accidentally overwritten it with my Boxing Day Brunch menu ideas. Ahhhhh

Here comes my vision board to the rescue.

A new perspective. What if I simply trust that the information is inside of me and that when I rewrite this document it will be even better, more refined and recharged energetically. After all, if you keep an open mind, you can find your own way of doing things that is uniquely you. And I can honestly say that I love it when it all comes to together this way.

So, disaster averted thanks to some “random” images and words!

Your Creative Edge™ 2019 is a 16-week spacious oasis of creative energy and ideas. It’s an intimate circle of women who want to connect, create, converse, be in community and find clarity. It included workshops, mini KMI Master Minds™, a book study, art journaling and more. If this is something that intrigues you, I invite you to take a look at the website here. Early bird registration opens Sunday, January 6.

And, if you’ve never created a vision board, I suggest you give it a try – you never know where it might lead you.

Wishing you a wonderful and delightful 2019.

~ mary