Your Inter-Active, Inter-Galactic Creative Play Space

It’s natural to feel a little hesitant about where to begin or how to continue. Alternately, you might have a crystal clear idea of how you think it should look or be and become paralyzed by perfection or confined by the choke collar of comparison.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started, some ideas for inspiration and some petite pushes to point you away from perfectionism and into possibility which actual is perfect!

REMINDER #1 - There is no right or wrong - there is only exploration, experimentation and play.

Ways to add colour

  • Add just one colour of paint and playing with brush strokes - pushing and spreading the paint intuitively

  • Add some stripes - horizontal, vertical, alternating colours or blank space

  • Try some resistance painting using washi tape instead of dots or scribble with the beeswax and then add paint

  • Use dots, stickers or washi tape to add colour, create borders or text blocks

  • Use a crumpled pieces of scrap paper to apply paint for a dappled look. Try with one colour or more.

  • Apply paint to a very wet surface and cover with a piece of thin, flexible plastic. Squish paint around and then let dry. Remove plastic.

  • If there is a bit of wet paint still on the plastic rub onto another piece of paper for a blotchy effect.

  • Use a dry brush and paint one big spiral on your page. When it dries you can write in the spiral or on the spiral or over the spiral. 

  • Use a dry brush to spread paint onto your paper using different lengths, thicknesses and directions of the strokes. It will add an interesting visual texture. Be brave and add a second colour or some sparkles!

  • Use the thicker end of your Tombow maker to draw circles, hearts or other shapes. Then with a wet paint brush lightly ease out the colour from the inside edge into the centre of the shape. It’s a great way to add coloured doodles to your page.

  • Apply paint to page with a very wet paint brush (the paint in your kit or acrylic paint works best because it is thick). I added the sparkle paint on top of the colour and got a nice affect. Then lay a piece of tinfoil over the page - I put the shining side down. Use the rounded end of the paint brush handle to trace a repetitive pattern onto the tinfoil. I used spirals and circles. Leaves or other shapes are also good options.  Leave paint to set for about 10 - 15 minutes (this will depend on how wet the paint was). Then remove and let dry.

  • Take the used tinfoil and lay it paint side down on another page. Press to spread the leftover paint. Remove and enjoy a different but complimentary textured background.

Add Your Thoughts, Ideas, Insights, Inspirations and Questions

You might consider:

  • Recording the first possibility practice

  • Adding your favourite quote(s) from the book or other source

  • Adding a diary entry of your initial impression, intentions or expectations. This will give you a place to refer back to and reflect on in future weeks.

  • Add some doodles to a thumbprint figure

REMINDER #2 - There are no mistakes - only unexpected possibilities.

IDEA 💡- Sometimes making an intentional “mistake” can feel very freeing!

Add a little flare to your handwriting

  • Add dots or stars or maybe hearts to capital letters where your strokes begin, end and cross

  • Add a double line at the beginning of each letter - leave it blank or colour it in solid or even ombre style

  • Use your favourite writing tools

Some Samples Ideas

I would love to add your ideas. Just email me a picture of a technique you’d like to share or your favourite page and I will post it here.