8 Things About Me + 2

Originally published 4/19/2016

I'm currently reading Quiet !mpact: How to be a Successful Introvertby Sylvia Loehken. She totally normalizes being an introvert and offers great strategies for different real life situations. One challenge I have as introvert is talking about myself and what I do in the world. The following list gives you a little glimpse about me.

8 Things + 2 About Me

  1. I’m highly introverted so my ideal vacation is to go to an isolated island or a cabin in the woods by a lake and read or sketch

  2. I’m fascinated by ideas, especially where they come from and their evolution

  3. Numbers and patterns intrigue me and as an adult I discovered a new appreciation for math as a sacred language to explain nature

  4. In university I prefered the Bronte sisters to Jane Austen.  Now I have a growing collection of books whose characters are based on Pride and Prejudice.  I think the BBC production with Colin Firth might have had something to do with this.

  5. Together with my husband of almost 27 years, we have 3 beautiful, creative and talented daughters and a collection of pets

  6. I live in my hometown of Parry Sound and co-own a marina on Georgian Bay.

  7. I’ve always wanted to own a cottage.  There is something so relaxing about a cottage.

  8. Although I am a 5 in numerology, a 4 on the Enneagram the number 8 plays a significant role in my life.  8 + 8 is the day of my birthday, 8 x 8 is the year of my birth and I was married on 08 08 88.  And this year my beloved border collie Saul turns 8.

  9. Dragons, magical ponds and frogs have a habit of appearing in my life.

  10. I consider life to be one big creative project and so everything from routine tasks to art exploration are an opportunity to be in the creative process.