Did I Dot the "i" in Details?

Originally published 3/4/2016

New launches are exciting. There is a rush of anticipation, excitement (sometimes masquerading as fear) and a healthy dose of creative chaos.

Fellow coach, Kathy Kane, and I just launched our signature program, the KMI Master Mind Facilitator Certification Training.  Every time we thought we had everything ready it seemed like we discovered another layer of details.  Details became synonymous with delay.

Details, in general, are my death and my default.

My creative process is to think BIG, to think really, really big. Thinking big builds excitement and enthusiasm and I fall in love with my project. But when its time to get to work my default mode kicks in. I begin to think of every single possible detail that needs to be done. Ahhhhh   If I'm not aware this is happening it can be the death of a promising idea.

Enter Kaizen small steps to the rescue. Small steps create tiny moments of success to keep the process moving.  Kaizen small steps let you focus on just the very next thing to do.  And sometimes the very next thing is to walk away, to eat, to nap, anything but the details.

On February 20th we hit publish on our website and officially launched our training program. There are still lots of details to attend to.  Still lots to learn about launching. And I'm not sure if I dotted the i in details but that's OK.

My next small step is just to pause and look back at how far we have come. How much we have achieved and how excited we are to get started.

What strategies have you found for dealing with details? Share in the comment section below.