Circles and Creative Flow 8/17/2016

Sometimes the voice inside my head is strong and clear.  Ideas flow like the purple ink in my fountain pen onto the page.  There is no hesitation.  The words take on a life of their own, sharing their story.  I marvel as they appear effortlessly before my eyes.
Other times, writing is a chore - a task that demands attention, irrespective of creative inspiration or convenient timing.
Today as I write this blog post I’m reminded that writing is a creative process.  Being in the creative process can feel fluid and magical like the first example.  It’s also perfectly normal, depending on where I am in the process, for it to feel hesitant, reluctant and painfully like a bandage slowly being removed.
One thing that I’ve found that helps me to be and to stay in the creative process – the smooth flowing part of the creative process – is connection and community.  The energy held and generated by a circle is simply wonderful.  It helps to maintain my focus, clarify my intention and increase my productivity.
In geometry a circle is sacred.  It represents “the one” from which all other geometric shapes are derived.  Its design lets it expand or contract and still maintain its shape.  It is the perfect shape for meeting as it allows all participants to be seen and heard.  A circle creates a container for collaboration, communication, connection, confidence and confidentiality.  It’s like a cauldron overflowing with creative energy that is accessible to all.
The circle is one of my favourite ways to be in connection with others.
That’s why the 4Rs Circle at The Purple Ink Café is organized this way.  The 4Rs: Relax, Read, Review and Research is about coming together to create time and space in your busy day or week to relax and finally tackle that stack of books or backlog of blogs you want to read. It’s about refreshing a topic or skill by reviewing courses and resources you already have on hand.  And if you have a presentation, a project or a personal passion that needs some research, this circle is for you too.
Why join a circle? It’s a bit like doing yoga or writing or meditation or any solo activity.  You can do all of these on your own, but the structure of a class often makes it easier to show up and the company can make it fun.  Even more, it’s the energy of the group that helps to sustain our focus, to hold a pose a little longer, strengthen our writing muscle or push through a block that may have been holding us back.