The 4R’s Circle: Relax, Read, Review and RESEARCH 8/5/2016

I’m not a researcher.  But Research seems to go along with Readand Review.  And if I have to research something, I enjoy it a lot more if I’m Relaxed.

Research isn’t just for academics.  When you need to make a major purchase, decide where to take your vacation, even the decision to join the 4R Circle, you will probably want to do a little research before finalizing your decision.

Perhaps you are researching a topic for a presentation you are giving.  Or developing a program or product that requires a deeper knowledge base from which to draw? Research is also what can elevate an idea or an inspiration into a passion and, for some, is just a pleasurable pursuit.

Regardless of the reason, your research requires resources and information.  It needs your time and focus.  And depending on the level of detail or the size and scope of your research you may need a system for capturing and organizing your research for easy and flexible recall.

Along with the need for research may also come resistance.  Resistance to get started or even to finish.  Kaizen small steps can help by breaking down the task at hand into ridiculously small increments.  So small that any feelings of overwhelm, procrastination or self doubt (aka that lovely inner critic we all have) don’t get triggered.

Having structure, a regular time and place to complete your research is also helpful.  The 4Rs Circle can provide the time and the place for you to focus in on your research.  Being in community with others in the circle offers gentle accountability and support.  In the 4R Circle I’ll also be sharing some capture tools with which you can explore and experiment.