Read - The Second R 8/2/2016

Reading is an essential skill in our busy, fast paced, information driven world.  We read all the time, sometimes without even realizing it.  And yet, sometimes we forget to make time just to read.

If you are a book lover like me, you probably have more books than you have time to read. Perhaps you collect books or can’t pass by a bookstore without going in “just to look”.  I love independent bookstores and used bookstores the best.  (Though I must admit Amazon is pretty good at getting my attention and my money too!)  The result, and with no judgement please, is stacks and bookcases full of unread and partially read books.  And don’t get me started on my Kindle list!

Books provide me with many things from information and resources to an escape to new worlds or eras in time.  They give me pleasure and comfort, ideas and company.  My well worn and well read books are companions to my imagination and my heart. My unread and partially read books are opportunities and adventures waiting to be explored.  

These same books can also trigger what David Allen author of Getting Things Done calls open loops.  Unconscious or conscious demands for my attention to complete a task; in this case reading those books.  They also can be a source of clutter when I get too many books.  They begin to feel like clutter when I can no longer easily find and care for them.  Or when I keep them just in case I might read them again when I know that I will re-read only a few.  

Maybe like me, you also need time to catch up on your reading, or to review training or course materials to refresh your knowledge.  Perhaps there is an idea, a project or a decision that needs some research.

So what to do?  What if each week you could create some time and some space to relax and to read; to review and to research?  How would that feel?  How could you make this easier and fun?