Seeing With New Eyes 9/22/2016

I'm literally seeing with new eyes thanks to my new eye glasses.  About a month ago I was really struggling with my eyesight.  Prone to worrying, I thought I might be getting age related cataracts.  An eye exam revealed that my eyes are in great health but that somehow I had missed an eye exam and my prescription was four years old. New lens were required and why not get new purple frames too.

Seeing with new eyes though is an old concept.  Sometimes referred to as beginners' eyes, it is the ability that we all have to look at something familiar as if for the first time.  To see it with wonder and curiosity, delight and discernment. This is a great skill to practice.  Not only can it be fun and add freshness to your day, it helps to crank up your awareness level.  When you are dialled into awareness ... that's when the magic begins.